Lawn Scarifier:

If your lawn has become discoloured due to a build-up of growth-inhibiting thatch on the surface, then this premium quality, professional-grade powered rake is the machine for you.

Its powerful and exceptionally reliable 158cc Briggs & Stratton 550-Series engine is equipped with Prime 'N Pull™, which ensures just the right amount of fuel is pumped to the carburettor for quick and easy starting; and it benefits from the employment of an oil-foam air-filter, which protects key parts from dirt for an extended engine life.

The Weibang WB384RB Pro Scarifier uses a set of 22 double-tipped carbon-steel blades to gently but thoroughly get rid of damaging moss and thatch from your lawn's surface pan.
With this done, light, air, moisture and vital nutrients will be able to better penetrate the root network, resulting in lush, green growth and a far healthier looking lawn. The working-depth is adjustable; and the raking-rotor can be disengaged - handy if you need to cross a non-grass area.

Designed to cope with the demands of intensive, large-scale use, the Weibang WB384RB utilises only high-quality parts; runs on long-lasting ball-bearing mounted wheels; and features a highly durable pressed-steel chassis with a powder-coated paint finish for rust resistance. 

It's supplied as standard with a 40-litre debris collector, which means you'll be able to leave your lawn rake in the shed; and it weighs in at just 46kg, so you'll have no trouble pushing it along.

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Engine model:Briggs & Stratton 500-Series
Power output:4hp
Rake width:380 mm
Rake clearance:33 mm
Height adjustment:40 mm
Max. blade rotation speed:1900r/m
Debris catcher:Fabric, 40-litres
Net weight:46 kg
Dimensions:1120 × 590 × 1070mm
Noise level:100 dB

Lawn preparation

If your lawn is suffering from a large amount of moss, it is best to deal with it before hiring your scarifier.
If the moss is alive when it is raked up, all that will happen is that it will regrow. Scarifiers provide the greatest benefit when dealing with dead moss, as it will be removed from your lawn ready for reseeding. Don’t try and scarify a lawn if the grass is very long. Mow and get rid of as much of the trimmings as possible; this will make the job easier.

Commonsense tips

The scarifier will bring a lot of waste matter from your lawn.

To prevent having a great deal of dead plant matter to deal with, it is best to scarify twice a year.

Composting the waste is only a good idea if your lawn is weed free, otherwise you will be recycling lots of dandelions and daisies. Get lots of bags ready, or arrange a collection in advance so the waste doesn’t have a chance to decay on your property.

Hire Charges (local delivery & collection available)

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