Universal Battery Power for all Kärcher Garden Machinery

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No power connection in the outside area? No desire for cable clutter, tripping hazards and limited working radius when working in the garden? The new battery-powered garden tools from Kärcher solve these problems and others too. Whether it is 18 or 36 V – the right device is on hand for every power requirement and every application.

Kärcher boasts many years of experience in the garden and outside area. With pump engineering, watering systems, sprinklers, hoses, as well as pressure washers, sweepers and wet and dry vacuum cleaners, there is already a comprehensive range for garden and outdoor maintenance. And Kärcher has battery-powered cleaning technology in its portfolio for over 30 years already. Now the experience from both worlds comes together with the launch of battery-powered garden tools. The result is a high-performance and comprehensive range of garden tools that are reliable, comfortable and versatile.

Lawn, hedge and tree care, as well as foliage removal, are some of the many fields of application of the battery-powered devices. A brief overview shows how comprehensive the offer is today.

Lawn care
A well-maintained garden includes a neatly mowed lawn. Whether it is large or small areas – there is now a choice of four battery lawn mowers in the LMO range with different cutting widths for mowing. What they all have in common is the exceptional equipment, a clean cut through to the lawn edge and impressive mowing performance. There are differences in the equipment, which range from the filling level indicator and multistage cutting height adjustment through to the “Push Assist” function, drive support at the touch of a button when more power is required. Users have the option of choosing the model that best suits their requirements.

The three battery lawn trimmers in the LTR range vary in terms of battery voltage and cutting diameter, but have one thing in common: thanks to a rotatable and articulated trimmer head, grass and stubborn weeds can be easily removed, also in places that are difficult to access. Lawn edges are neatly cut. Telescopic poles and ergonomic handles avoid uncomfortable postures and strain during the work.

For the detailed work, Kärcher provides a cordless and lightweight 2-in-1 solution: the battery grass & shrub shears GSH 18-20 Battery (18 V) can be quickly converted from the grass cutter for cutting lawn edges to the shrub cutter for bushes thanks to the simple, tool-free screw system. The diamond-ground cutter with blades on both sides ensures a neat and accurate cutting result.

Hedge trimming
The 18 and 36 V hedge trimmers from Kärcher impress with a powerful performance, ergonomic handling, as well as clever accessories – and turn hedges and bushes into eye-catching elements of every property. Cutters with sawing function and, depending on the model, swivel handles and additional hedge brooms ensure that the work is carried out efficiently and ergonomically.

With the pole hedge trimmer PHG 18-45 Battery along with 18 V battery, trimming work can also be carried out safely and comfortably from the ground – thanks to an articulated cutting head and extension pole. Hedges up to four metres high are no longer a problem. For longer work periods, the shoulder strap relieves and protects the back.

Tree care
Tree pruning is a challenge in many ways and generally demands enormous physical effort. The job is easier with the battery-powered tree lopper TLO 18-32 Battery: it comfortably trims branches with a diameter of up to three centimetres at the touch of a button and can be operated with one hand.

The telescopic saw PSW 18-20 Battery cuts branches up to four metres high – flexible and safe cordless work thanks to 18 V battery. The large working radius is achieved with a stable, lightweight extension pole. This can be attached in an instant using the quick release coupling. With a chain speed of 5.5 m/s, the chain saw cuts through thicker pieces of wood very quickly.

With an 18 V and a 36 V chain saw, Kärcher provides suitable alternatives to petrol-operated models for private property or forested areas. A powerful performance is combined with very safe handling. The safety unlocking device prevents the unintentional startup and the kick-back guard stops the chain immediately if necessary. A spiked bumper allows safe guidance and precise cuts, the chain tensioning is done tool-free.

Foliage removal
With the leaf vacuum cleaners and blowers, either with 18 or 36 V, any cuttings lying around can be collected and then vacuumed. The cuttings are then processed directly into practical mulch. The powerful 36 V model also impresses with wet material. In addition to the combined machines, with the LBL 2 Battery (18 V) and LBL 4 Battery (36 V) models, two leaf blowers are also offered.

The selection shows: Kärcher garden tools provide a solution for all job sites. And anyone who works with the tools quickly realises: working outdoors can be fun, and are rewarded with big and small successes.

Batteries with “Real Time Technology” – a class of its own
A special feature of Kärcher batteries is the LCD display with “Real-Time Technology”, which also accurately displays the remaining runtime and charge time in minutes, in addition to the remaining battery capacity. What is common to all batteries is the unique spray water protection (Class IPX5), which allows you to work without having to watch out for water-sensitive components. They are also protected against dust. The battery housing is made from robust plastic and is therefore exceptionally shockproof. If a machine is not operated for an extended period, the processor-controlled, automatic storage mode of the batteries ensures a long life of the cells.